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5 Great Platforms for Sharing Visual Content

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.”

Visual content is the future of virtual marketing. Consumers of the content-rich internet have less time to find your information let alone consume it. Infographics, animated “explainer” videos, interactive visualizations, and slide presentations can ease the pressure on consumers’ time restraints. Here are 5 platforms your business can utilize to compete in the current online marketing trends and visual content curation.


SlideShare, sort of like YouTube for Powerpoint, allows users to create and share slideshow presentations. Users should keep presentations clear and concise. Each slide should convey one relevant picture and one to two sentences at most. Keep things short and to the point. SlideShare experiences 215 million monthly page views and is growing rapidly for business professionals.

VISUAL.LY has captured the niche market of infographic design and data visualization for marketing campaigns. Users can produce, discover, and publish visual content using web-based data. This platform has somewhat of a cult following in terms of its loyal users and the community. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO),’s power as a platform will help promote your content’s rank in Google’s organic search reach.


Pinterest has made a name for itself as a social network for everyone. Users “pin” images from the internet onto a virtual pinboard, allowing them to save and share images and their sources for later use. Businesses can install a “Pin It” button to their websites so users can save and share images they find interesting. Each pin contains a link back to the content source. While this does drive users to your website, it will not improve your SEO rank on search engines. Pinterest success comes down to finding great visual content and being able to direct consumers back to your business’ website.


Instagram and Facebook are the Robin and Batman, if you will, of social partners. They target both photo sharing and social networking. According to Business Insider, more than 90% of Instagram’s users are under the age of 35 and 68% are women. The app allows users to take creative pictures and shoot 15-second videos which can be shared on various platforms from mobile devices. Instagram gives businesses the opportunity to be creative by sharing original images along with short captions.


Vine is a member of the Twitter family and another mobile app. It’s a mobile platform that lets users shoot six-second videos. This puts it in competition with Instagram and Snapchat. Many businesses use the platform to introduce visual content to their audiences. Vine makes this simple and quick. Videos are a great way to create a real connection with your audience and transition followers into loyal brand users.

Note – With any social platform, it is important to measure social metrics. Analytics tools can determine traffic, interaction, and reach so you can be sure your efforts are worthwhile.


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