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Who says we can’t make our own rules?

Although it´s difficult to believe, living a life without limitations requires a mixture of different habits and tastes; In the case of fitness there is no exception.
The fit side is essential in the BSPKN lifestyle through two specific steps that are the discipline to train and a balanced diet. However, any lover of a good lifestyle values ​​certain moments called “guilty pleasures”. In my case, a great cigar at the end of the day is the perfect reward for a busy day at work.

But as in everything, enjoying a good tobacco requires knowing a little about its elaboration, size and quality to choose the right option. Here is a brief guide to select a good cigar:

When you buy a cigar, they will probably talk to you in certain terminology to determine what type of cigar you are looking for. Specifically of: vitola, strenghts, stocks and ring.

  • Vitola, it is understood each of the different formats that a cigar can have according to its thickness, figure and length.
  • The stocks are the thickness of the cigar and the scale varies between 26 and 52 millimeters. The size of the cigar is determined by its thickness and its length.
  • The ring or ring of the cigar is a band that embraces the cigar. It is characterized by its detail and colors and indicates the house that manufactures the cigar – it also aligns with the gauge of the cigar.
  • Strength – based on a combination of the leaves used to wrap, fill and finish the cigar, each cigar will have a different strength. As a suggestion, if you are new start with something lighter, if you’ve had a heavy meal at the end of the day try something darker. Tasting is always the best way to determine what you like.

Experts use a cedar leaflet that they lite on to start the process. To start, burn the tip a bit, turn it and blow it to fan the fire. If you light the cigar, and it is of good quality, it should burn evenly and the ash should be white.
Recommendation: Cigars should be stored in certain temperature and humidity conditions to preserve them. A wooden box with a cedar interior is the ideal material to conserve moisture. This guarantees its quality over time.
A premium product that is worth trying and one that matches our lifestyle or the mood you are in.
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