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The Benefits of Responding to Comments

Mar 13, 2015 / by ryan / In Seo & Marketing / Tags: , , , / Leave a comment

If your business is using social media (most should be) then you have anticipated the day when your customers start responding to your posts and tweets. Their reactions can come in a number of forms. Some customers might post negative remarks about your business, others will have a question, and if you’re lucky, some will comment with compliments. Responding to comments can be daunting at first, but there are too many benefits to avoid it!


First and foremost, responding to comments via social media is an opportunity. It should be done with care. Your business’ response should be thoughtful and helpful if possible. For example, if a customer complains about a product or service, instead of ignoring the comment or trying to bury it or even delete it, you should rise to the occasion. 


Negative comments don’t always have to mean your business is going downhill. If you respond by asking what you can do better in the future, or what specifically the customer has a problem with, you have the opportunity to learn something. You can make your business better for future customers. These comments are not meant to lead to an argument. They are a genuine opportunity to demonstrate the integrity quality of your business.


On the other hand, responding to positive comments can also be beneficial! This is often overlooked. The idea of creating a social media account is exactly that – social.Therefore, if you are engaging with customers via social media, you can showoff your business’ culture. You can highlight the more personal and human side of things. Social media also gives you more leverage to turn your social media channels into a hub of interaction and engagement rather than a megaphone to preach.

No matter what you do, there may come a time when – good or bad – a comment rolls along your social feed. Seize the opportunity and find the simple benefits to responding, build trust with your audience and increase your brand’s overall reputation.

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