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How to Choose the Right Social Media Accounts for Your Business


The importance of social media is nothing new. It has become just as common to communicate through Facebook as (if not more than) texting or emailing. Most businesses know they need social media for marketing success. The problem is that many lack the knowledge to really take advantage. If you’re just starting out with social media, first things first: choose channels that are right for your business.

To pick the right accounts, you’ll need to first take a look at your customer base. Take their key demographics into account and compare them to your target demographics. Do they match up? If not, you might need to adjust your marketing strategy altogether. Once you reconcile your actual audiences with  your ideal ones, you can outline buyer personas.  These are fictional, in-depth profiles of your ideal customers.

These profiles should contain basic information like age, income, and industry, but you can go deeper. Consider their preferred communication methods.  Are they avid tweeters? Insta fanatics? Or are they still on the email wagon?  Do some research to determine which channels will be most likely to reach them and make a plan. Equally as important, find out which channels they aren’t using and avoid them. For example, if you sell products that are updated regularly, you might want to share images with each update. Your first thought might be to use Instagram but unless at least one of your buyer personas use Instagram, you may be wasting time trying to build an audience that just isn’t there.

Alternatively, if you are writing content to establish thought leadership, you may want to leverage LinkedIn connections. It could be beneficial to join or create a LinkedIn group to communicate and share with people interested in your expertise.  Businesses focused on recruiting might go with a Facebook page with a linked job board. Many people looking for jobs like to do so casually rather than seeking out content on a company website. The job board will blend right in with their social experience without stressing them out. 

In the end, businesses should use social media channels that engage core customers and allow for plenty of interaction. Every aspect of your marketing strategy should keep your buyer personas in mind. That way, you can foster brand advocacy through honest, consistent interaction.  These goals will help you leverage social media to drive traffic back to your website and eventually to your business as customers.

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