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Why Companies Should be Engaging Their Employees via Social Media.

At this point nearly every business participates in some form of social media marketing for the growth of their company. While most companies find the imperative to engage socially online, only 56% spend time interacting with their employees in the same manner. If both your employees and companies as a whole are using social media everyday, why aren’t more business using the medium as a way to engage internally?


One of the biggest reasons is that many businesses executives and owners are often either not as savvy using social channels as their younger staff members, but more frequently than not, many executives just don’t engage at all. So how do you resolve the issue and what questions do you need to ask to move in the right direction? Some of the few questions often asked by companies that do participate regularly in social engagement internally include: what forms of social media platforms are often used by employees vs the company as a whole? What is the perceived value in using social media? What are the end goals? Do these goals and values align?

Other great questions to ask your team focus on what factors would be considered to increase internal engagement. For instance, would the various internal social platforms allow employees and executives to save time on meetings, agendas, goals, etc…? Would it make the team as a whole more effective and efficient in their daily tasks and provide a more enjoyable workplace environment? If you think about the questions being asked and the value of addressing these questions – using social media or other readily available internal communication platforms (e.g. slack, basecamp, etc) should seem like a no-brainer.

If you look at the benefits culturally, like the client lead generation or time to market improvements to name a few, the more a company embraces the engagement with internal team members will not only bring about a better work environment, but will create happy employees overall. These happy employees will become more engaged with their work product, which in turn will turn into greater customer relationships. If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers.

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