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E-Commerce Platforms

With the rise of online shopping, businesses needs to have a proliferating e-Commerce platform up and running on their website. Without it, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Physical brick-and-mortar stores are limiting, while online stores give customers or clients access to an unlimited amount of products or services. The benefits of e-Commerce sites, even if your company doesn’t sell a wide variety of products or services, will eliminate physical limitations and increase the chances of making a sale. When you have an e-Commerce site, you’ll be able to reach global markets and diversify your client base.

Remember, you need to build a website that will engage your visitors while focusing on user experience and driving engagement and conversion. E-Commerce platforms will help you do that.

If you aren’t familiar with e-Commerce platforms, don’t worry. They’re fairly simple and once you find the platform that works well for your store, everyday management is pretty straightforward. E-Commerce sites allow your visitors to make online transactions, both for goods and services, through the ever-evolving World Wide Web.


To meet the ever demanding changes to the world on fitness, TigerFit needed a fully customized On-Demand platform that was unique and tested. Common solutions like MindBody® were not sufficient to create a secure PPV and POV + On-Demand platform and other known video monetization was too expensive. BSPKN created a simple solution integrating a secure payment portal and “Netflix® like” functionality into versatile a web and mobile that is both functional and beautiful.

E-Commerce platforms are a fancy way to say online shopping. They’ve been around for a while, but with more and more people looking for convenience, they’re only now starting to be a make-or-break component to business pages. There are a number of different types of e-Commerce platforms that offer different functionality. Some people need it for business-to-business (B2B), while others use it for consumer-to-consumer services (C2C). Whatever your needs are, you can’t afford to omit e-Commerce platforms on your website.

To be blunt, if you don’t think you need an e-Commerce platform, you’re wrong. They’re inexpensive, easy to manage, and offer too many benefits to pass by. They help lower company costs, increase search engine visibility, create targeted communication, and more. When you’re ready to take your marketing strategies to the next level, BSPKN is here to help. We develop innovative marketing strategies that help engage visitors and convert leads—but without an e-Commerce platform, conversions can be nearly impossible. Contact us today to learn more about how you can increase your company’s profitability in a few short steps through a custom e-Commerce platform that’s built for your needs.


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