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Are Your Lead Generation Forms Effective?

Are Your Lead Generation Forms Effective?

Website forms are a series of fields you are prompting users to fill in with their personal information in exchange for some type of appointment or offering. When a user enters their information to make this exchange, they become a lead. Optimizing your forms are important. In fact, according to Marketing Sherpa, 56% of marketers state that forms have a huge impact on website performance. Here are some best practices to help increase your conversion rates and generate more customers.


Understanding your buyer personas and where they are in their journey to become a customer will help identify which information should be collected at a given point in time. If your lead is still in the early stages of the sales process, you may want to focus on collecting the basics like their email address or full name. However, if your lead has downloaded other content from your site in the past, you may want to get into more detail – ask about their role and industry.  One thing to remember is that a potential lead will only give the amount of information they perceive to be equivalent to the respective offering they will receive. Base your forms on the perceived value of the information and content exchanged.


When creating a form, it is important to take into account the information needed by both your sales and marketing teams. Forms can ask any number of questions, but if they do not help you better understand your leads then they may actually distract your team from moving forward.  Some of the basics are emails, names, location, social info, etc., but you may want to take it further. Try asking your leads questions regarding specific challenges  like their job roles, their industry, or budget concerns. Always have a goal for asking questions.


Identifying which leads are worth pursuing is extremely important to maximizing your efforts and reducing the overall sales process. If for example, your business can only offer services to localized customers, finding out where your lead is located is important. Asking questions to will help you segment your leads into your varied buyer persona groups so you have the whole picture later down the road. You will be more in tune with the appropriate language to use in follow-up emails and future offerings.


Unfortunately, there is no surefire formula when it comes to creating the best form for your leads. That’s why it is important to test and revise them to continuously so you can gather the right information. Finding out about your customers’ needs, desires for their business or current challenges will help you provide the right information at the right time and increase your customer conversion rate. Test the length, detail and relevance of the questions you ask based on your buyer(s) journey and adjust accordingly.

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