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5 Tips For Building Successful Client Relationships From The Start

Effectively onboarding new clients are critical to setting the tone for successful client relationships. Within the first 24 hours of a new contract being signed, schedule a kickoff call with the client. Here are a few quick tips of conversations that should definitely be included in the call:

  1. Define your relationship with client’s main point of contact

This is the person that you will be primarily communicating with during the retainer. During the kickoff call, make sure to continue to build rapport with this contact to build a successful and professional relationship.

  1. Confirm goals for the first 60 days

These goals should be marketing focused rather than sales focused. Confirm with your client that they are the same goals that you created together during previous calls or address any changes. This will ensure that you and the client are on the same page.

  1. Delve further into the goal setting and planning process by asking specific questions

Keep questions light and opened ended to encourage comfortable talk from the client. You will get more information when the tone is kept conversational. Here are a few questions that you should ask in order to successfully begin the first 60 days of the retainer:

  • What’s your overall marketing goal?
  • Which situation best summarizes your marketing needs?
  • What’s your biggest marketing challenge right now
  1. Clarify that the goals described on the call do not guarantee sales

Again, the key to successful client relationships is to always be transparent with the client and ensuring they know the scope of work.

  1. Take notes and document everything during the call

Get in the habit of documenting everything said on the call and sending the records to the client after the call. This way, both you and the client remember what was said on the call and will give both sides a clear direction to what is on the agenda.

With these strategies, the onboarding process should be painless and be the first step in forming a great relationship with your client. As always, if concerns arise as you start to work for your client, address them as quickly as possible to set the tone of transparency and trust.

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