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Keeping Up Communication between Sales and Marketing

Communication is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. This is particularly true when talking about your sales and marketing teams. This concept of collaboration between the two may seem foreign even to some of the largest organizations in the world. In these situations, sales and marketing departments often compete with one another, resulting in wasted resources. The solution? Make a shift toward constant communication and teamwork between the two. Take advantage of SMART marketing tactics.

‘SMART’ marketing is a term coined by Hubspot. SMART marketing doesn’t just mean making smarter marketing decisions. It is really about integrating sales and marketing departments. This will inevitably lead to smarter, more effective marketing and sales decisions.


Many companies separate the efforts of their sales and marketing teams. This means they rarely discuss timelines, projects, and budgets with one another. This creates an environment of competition. Each team blames the opposite department for missed deadlines, unqualified leads, or forgotten culture.

Let’s take a look at why business improves when the sales and marketing teams collaborate and communicate. First, working together to establish individual goals means both teams agree on what constitutes a qualified lead. They understand where a lead is in the funnel and what information will guide them toward conversion. The marketing team should provide the sales team with relevant information about each lead. This way, the sales team wastes less time repeating marketing efforts to get the sale. Second, if both teams have defined buyer personas, the sales team can provide real-time analytics to help the marketing team improve their marketing efforts.

By collaborating, not competing, your sales and marketing teams will encourage each other to succeed and reach their goals.  The business as a whole becomes more successful. 


Require sales and marketing heads to have regularly scheduled meetings to refine their individual goals and metrics. One of the things we do at Bespoken Management is to keep the sales and marketing departments in the same room. They are separated enough to limit distractions, but allow for open communication.

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