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There are dress codes that are necessary to have an impeccable appearance. In the world of marketing (which is the case) there are certain standards that ensure that indirect communication (bone, what is communicated non-verbally) are a synonym of success at the time of a meeting or simply seek to break schemes in any environment The detail is in taking care of certain parts of the wardrobe that make a difference, such as a good blazer, an accessory or shoes of excellent quality. Beyond what a high prestige brand can represent, it is the way it is used and combined with other pieces of clothing of a lower value. Remember: “money does not make the class, what matters is how you wear the outfit and dressing the best on any occasion.” I personally would rather be overdressed than underdressed.

Here I leave 4 tips to have a sublime bearing. It will surprise you that even one of those details is not part of the clothing store:

1. Basic pieces: the most important part and sometimes the one that usually goes unnoticed of any good outfit is properly the basis of it. A neutral shirt or pants or solid color will always be a must. This guarantees the prominence of the striking pieces and at the same time will give balance to the look.

2. A piece of color: it is a fact that the minimalist or total basic garments are very cool. However, a color detail that breaks the neutrality of the same is always necessary. A pair of vibrant colored shoes; An accessory such as a pair of glasses, a hat or a good watch are some options that can be included within the OOTD (“outfit of the day”).

3. Jacket, coat, sweater or blazer: choose the one that complements the look, there is nothing that reinforces an outfit more than a coat. No matter how simple or neutral you may be, a jacket or a blazer will always give that touch of sophistication and bearing that is necessary at any time. As noted, it is imperative to remember that the style you choose to use reflects your personality, the clothing must go hand in hand with what you are and set your own standards to have your own stamp that sets trends in any environment.

4. The attitude: as I said at the beginning, there are certain things that are not part of the clothes that influence significantly above all. This detail is undoubtedly the most elementary. What good is an exclusive suit if you do not have the attitude to wear it? It’s here within this last point that pulls everything together, but no less important is going to give that stamp that your clothes need not go unnoticed. It should be made clear that if there´s no attitude that represents the best, neither the most expensive item will have real value. Therefore, always showing self-confidence will allow you to highlight even the most basic thing you put on.

These small changes in the OOTD will make a big difference and reflect in essence what is said in the industry: “Simplicity is the key to true elegance, but attitude is the basis of all good treatment.”


Tips & Tricks

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