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Email Marketing is Alive and Well

With new marketing technologies coming out left and right, it inevitably feels like older techniques, like email marketing, are no longer a viable option for reaching potential leads and customers.

A common misconception about email is that it is mostly spam. While a lot of emails is spam, the key is to create emails that prove to be helpful and relevant to the consumer. Email is still a very relevant and extremely strategic way to reach people in different areas of the buyer’s journey: from closing leads into customers and delighting current customers.

First, email is still important based on the sheer number of people who have email accounts: there are 4.3 billion email accounts. This is a huge pool of people to reach and not many other channels can boast this large of a user base.

On top of a large number of people using email, 91% of consumers say they check their email daily. Not only do people have an email account, but also they are checking it regularly and it is a highly utilized tool in normal daily life.

If this is not enough to prove that email is an essential marketing tool, it is also the preferred form of communication for the majority of consumers: 77% say they prefer email for marketing communications.

All of these factors combine to make email marketing an extremely useful tool to reach consumers at different stages in the sales cycle. Further, email allows you to be extremely personal. You can customize the message to the potential or current customer.

Again, the key is to create content that is helpful and relevant to the reader in that moment. If a contact is a lead, create content that gives advice on how to improve their business and down the line, they will be more willing to speak to your sales team as you’ve already proven to be useful and valuable to their business.

If a contact is already a current customer, email is a way to strengthen the relationship and reduce customers using competitors’ services. The key is to capture and keep the attention of happy customers who in turn become your biggest advocates.

Even with new technology coming out faster than ever promising to be “the next big thing in marketing”, email marketing remains a stable and reliable source to connect with both leads and current customers.

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