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When we think about generating a quality content that makes immediate connection with the receiver (in the case of social networks the followers), it must be taken into account that the first 3 seconds of viewing are crucial for a user to determine if the subject and the image are of your interest. In milliseconds the brain captures and selects what deserves your attention and what does not. For this reason when creating content either audiovisual or in photography, you should seek to optimize resources and creativity from an innovation perspective. This will not only leave a mark on everything that is done, but will give that characteristic stamp that will result in self-recognition.

Within the conventional, the tools commonly used to edit and make advertising designs are Photoshop and Illustrator. However, being out of your workspace or not having a laptop at your fingertips, you can alternatively have apps on your phone that guarantee excellent editing for images and videos just as you would do in the two previously mentioned adobe applications .

Some suggestions for making content quickly lie in having previously selected content. Starting from this base, the rest is a matter of fine-tuning details that are achieved with few image corrections in mobile applications, such as:

– Color palette selected for your feed depending on the theme of it

– Filters that establish a range of color, whether warm or cold

– Detect imperfections in the image to apply correctors

With these elements running, the tolos presented below will make it easier to assemble content quickly. This quick edition, althought it´s seen as “fast content” for the public, is really premeditated. By having the previously selected images, you will only have to organize some details and post with a footer that is allusive to the image. An important tip is to reinforce the image with hashtags (#s) to generate more interaction with followers. Hashtags are usually placed in the first comment of the image to remove them when desired and thus constantly uptade te attract new audiences through them, this will optimize the results of social platforms organically.

Here are some apps that will help this process:

  • SNAPSEED (this apps is used to place filters, remove imperfections from the image and edit quickly).
  • Aa FONTS (focuses strictly on types of fonts that personalize the footer in Instagram photos).
  • VSCO (mostly used for product photos or space, since this application allows large-scale color correction and image cutting).

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