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From Prospect to Client: 5 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Exploratory Call

The exploratory call can be a difficult skill to master as you are neither connecting with the prospect for the first time nor attempting to close the sale. Ultimately, the main goal in the exploratory call is to excite the prospect and also assess whether they are a good fit for your agency.

Here are the 5 steps to running a smooth exploratory call:

  1. Begin the Call.

While this is obvious, there are two main tasks to complete in the beginning of the call. First, spend the first few minutes building rapport with the prospect. It is important to start building a genuine relationship with the prospect early as this will lead to a higher chance of the prospect becoming a client. Second, set the agenda: talk about the outline of the call and what you plan to cover.

  1. Review the Company

After warming up to the prospect, start by talking about the ins and outs of their company. Who are their customers? This is a great way to learn more about the company and further ease into the call as people love talking about themselves and their work.

  1. Understand if You Can Help

This is the heart of the exploratory call. In this step, excite your prospect while also assessing if your agency will be able to help. Learn how to excite your prospect here and assess fit here.

  1. Why You and Why Inbound

Discuss why your agency is a good fit for their needs and why inbound can help them achieve their marketing goals. Use a power statement that references your agency that also addresses your prospect’s goals. Finally, explain why your different than other agencies.

  1. Close the Call

You are almost done with a successful exploratory call! However, before you say goodbye and potentially lose the prospect, there are a few tasks to complete when closing the call. First, the prospect might request a proposal of your services and solutions. While this sounds like a great sign, it is too early in the call to write a proposal. The prospect is not far enough along in the sales process and you run the risk of creating a proposal that never get addressed.

Instead, set up a goal setting and planning call to discuss the prospect’s specific goals and how to achieve these goals through your services. Assign homework to the prospect, like filling out a survey or questionnaire, to gauge the prospect’s interest and gather more information. Lastly, after the call is completed, make sure to send a recap email that discusses what you talked about on the call, the next steps, and any relevant links to blogs or helpful information. This will show that you care about the prospect and are genuinely interested in helping them, not just selling your services.

The exploratory call is key to moving the prospect towards becoming a client. Focus on keeping the prospect interested while also introducing how you can help them achieve their marketing goals.


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