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Get the Most out of Your YouTube Videos

Visual media is becoming critical to the success of marketing campaigns. One great way to integrate visual media into your campaigns is to create YouTube videos. Videos can involve more time, effort, and funds than you are used to expending on a given campaign, but the return on investment can be well worth it. It’s all in the execution, though. If you take the time to promote your video content effectively, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck.

How do I make sure my video campaign is successful?

First off, treat the production of your video like you would any other piece of content as an inbound marketer. The YouTube videos

should provide viewers information they need or are looking for. It should be high quality, visually appealing, and concise to keep the attention of viewers all the way through.

Once you’ve got your completed video, you should promote it:

  1.  Optimize your video by making it public, including an informative description, adding relevant tags, and choosing an appropriate video thumbnail. You can even add Calls-to-Action to the video itself as well as the description. (Pro-tip: Completely filling out your YouTube user profile will give additional merit to your image as an industry expert. It will entice visitors to click through to your website to learn more)
  2. Share your video to all of your social media accounts and encourage your team members to do the same! The more people who view, like, and share your video, the more likely it will be for viewers to click through to view your website or take advantage of offerings featured in your CTA’s. Even spreading the word about who you are and what you do will benefit your overall marketing efforts.
  3. Upload a transcript file of your YouTube videos. This will allow youtube to include captions on your video, which will make it more accessible to the hearing impaired and give YouTube more content to index for search optimization.
  4. Keep a consistent upload schedule to keep improving your SEO. Just like with blogging, providing your audience with an abundance of high-quality content will do wonders for your overall marketing efforts and your image as an industry expert.
  5. Engage your audience (again, just like blogging) to keep your viewers interested in the content you produce. Ask them to subscribe, enable comments, respond to comments, and encourage them to share.

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