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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Pretty sure you have read about influencers, or have watch celebrities or athletics on commercials for products, that is what influencer marketing is about. When a brand or company make what they call an alliance to promote a specific product or some times the brand in general ( that’s what they call the face of the brand or the ambassador).

Is not a lie that when we see our favorite celebrity, athletic or influencer promoting a product, we want it right away, just because that person we love is using it, and that’s always going to be the best influencer marketing stragery, it has been happening for years and is always going to be the best financial way.

But marketing influencer is more than just use a famous face to promote your brand, is about creating a story, create a feeling that the rest of the people that see it became familiar with it, as much as they want to have the product because they believe it really works and not just for the famous face.

It’s important to highlight that most people are moved by stories and emotions, and when you use an influencer that may not have as followers as a celebrity, someone that looks more easy to get, someone that everybody can feel related to, because is someone that does not have a fancy life, but still like to live as nice as possible, so if I see a person that I feel very reachable, promoting a product while is giving a testimony that it actually works, I will buy it.

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FACTS: Influencer Marketing stragery is currently 4.5 billion dollar industry.

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This moves like this because Millennials spend 9 hours in social media per day.

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