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Social networks have an extensive and diverse public. But when it comes to increasing the loyalty of potential buyers or followers of social networks, the strategies to ensure the success of selling a product or service digitally are essentially the same.

You probably ask yourself: how is this possible? Well, it´s a topic that in this article I will solve adding keys that can be put into practice to stimulate the purchase of your products.

A couple of decades ago, technology allowed us to communicate over long distances and with the passage of time was evolving and improving the way of communication of individuals, which provided new forms of market and the ease of creating a company in a digital way be able to take it to each end of the globe.

Today it´s completely valid to say that, technology built bridges between cultures and intermediated so that we could reach more people out of our physical reach, and that, with this we could know more and access people and companies from an intangible perspective.

Social Media

It´s right here when it comes to maintaining validity in networks, since being a positive aspect of reaching each end of the world, there is also the risk of becoming obsolete in them, if a fresh image of the brand isn´t constantly created. Which is why, it´s necessary to keep each social platform updated with avant-garde content and excellent quality.

The best way to begin to realize that the content is good or bad; and also if it is useful or not for the user is comparing it with its previous content. If the content continues to have the same quality, it´s likely that it´s time to re-adjust and look for another north that guarantees a corrective strategy at the same time that allows a greater engagement with the public to see growth figures substantially.

Engaging new public is simple, for them it´s necessary to have a constant interaction with the brand. Either, see the brand perform activities that involve them such as giveaways and question tags, make video blogs (vlogs) or in a larger case be connected and in constant contact with their followers (which generates a greater demand in both directions, as demand time for you and at the same time for them). Any of the above options will generate a high degree of trust between follower and followed, resulting in an increase in your sales and in the people who follow you.

Finally, being faithful to a work guideline, that is, keeping a clear direction on what is shown and what is offered, gives security to users who constantly visit the profile of the brand. In this way, they will know that you are convinced of what you are selling and they, in turn, will react positively to that.

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