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Mixing Fun and Work

Climbing the ladder of success isn’t solely about business chops. It has a lot to do with culture as well.  It is important to remember that business and pleasure can go hand in hand. Creating a fun and enjoyable work environment will ensure that employees that are happier and more productive. Where’s the downside in that?

PhotoPack-199.jpgThere are three things you can do keep work life fast-paced and fun to promote great work culture and effective production.

  1. Take a little time each day to have some fun. This could be adding 15 minutes to everyone’s lunch break to make lunch a community event or even playing a quick team building game.
  2. Get to know your employees. Work is more enjoyable when employees can mingle and talk naturally to one another.
  3. Allow flexibility. Allowing your employees to determine how long they need or what works for them will not only make them happy but it will make their commitment to their work stronger because they have a level of control.

Work doesn’t always have to be something you dread on a Sunday night. It can be fun if you make it!

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