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A life with class has unwritten rules. This level of life takes care of the details even in the simplest. From getting up in the morning and preparing a cup of coffee, until the end of the day with a bourbon and a cigar. It is imperative to remember that the way you do anything you do everything and that´s when those simple details that make a difference become the maximum enhancer of success. It may sound basic, but, the attitude with which you walk, dress and talk to others changes all the standards of which it is necessary to be conscious to maintain.

The class doesn´t improvise. However, it is something that is simply adaptable to the daily routine. A good suit or tuxedo is the best way to start the day, hinting that every moment is an excuse to dress well and feel good. You know what they say “dress well is the first step to success” because although it is true that “as you see you are treated”, it is more true even when the standards are so above average. So much so that, in my case, I don´t waste a day in which I can project the best impression.

This not only shows security before the people who work in the usual work environment, but also ensures that those same people are aware of it and perceive your presence in a positive way. Some life hacks that can contribute to change mentality and focus all energy on work and routine, derive from the fact of feeling good about yourself. Waking up early in the morning with clear goals and a routine that guarantees maximum productivity are just a few of the simple steps that can be included in daily life. At the beginning some things are not easy to achieve, that’s why they are made for people looking to be successful on a large scale.

Now the question is how willing are you to take a step forward and go up to that level? It´s important to have spaces for recreation, given that, although routines are effective and potentially productive, the monotony of them also consumes energy that must be channeled other additional things to balance everyday life with a good quality of life.

Tips & Tricks

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