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The Next Big Thing in CRM

The Next Big Thing in CRM

The most successful businesses are those that have a good relationship with their customers and are always actively working on building their client base but keeping track of everyone can get difficult. That’s why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is so important. CRM is a type of technology that lets you manage all of your customers, client relationships, interactions, and lead lists in one place. It’s a streamlined organizational tool that helps to improve business relationships. The better your business relationships are, the more profitable you’re going to be. As with everything online, CRM trends come and go. Right now, the next big thing in CRM is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice technology, and unified interactions.

AI has been growing in popularity and for good reason—it helps businesses interact with an unlimited number of customers without wasting resources. If you decide to use AI in your CRM technology, it needs to be well researched and tested to ensure that it’s going to function as you need it to. This is worth it as AI brings about a huge potential for productivity and profitability.

Voice technology is another feature that’s been growing in popularity as more consumers start to rely on smart technology like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, and more. Voice technology has the potential to increase productivity for administrative tasks and leave your staff with more time to sell and develop enticing content that can help convert visitors into customers. As more voice integrated technology is developed, we can expect to see CRM voice technology emerge.

Many of the older CRM platforms use multichannel approaches to client management and lead organization. Now, we’re seeing a shift to a more unified interaction stream. We’ve started to see the benefits of a single-channel approach and should expect to see software changes in the years to come to reflect this approach. This makes customer engagement easy to maximize without causing more work on the user end of things. Many businesses who have tried a unified interaction approach to CRM management have already noticed that they’re operating better, increasing user experience, and solidifying more valuable leads.

CRM platforms have been around for years, but they continue to change with the trends. To make sure that your business is getting the most out of their platforms, always keep an eye out for the next big thing in CRM. If you need help integrating new, successful CRM features, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at BSPKN today. Our team has the experience you want and need when it comes to managing your business relationships.

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