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The ROI Call: What To Say and When

One of the most important routines to get into for your clients is reporting ROI (return on investment). Starting this in the beginning of your relationship and holding regular meetings with your client will build trust and ensure that you and the client are always on the same page.

Here are some tips on how to run an effective ROI meeting or call:

Before the call or meeting:

Do your homework

In order to have a worthwhile ROI call or meeting, preparation is key. Prepare a story of what your inbound strategies achieved. Instead of rattling off a bunch of numbers that would potentially bore or even confuse the client, make the data come to life with a story that tells a clear picture of how your inbound efforts have helped the client reach their goals.

During the call or meeting:

Open with their goals

Start every ROI call or meeting with reminding the client of why they hired you originally. Even though this may seem repetitive, it provides a strong framework for the rest of call and helps to keep their goals at the forefront.

Present the metrics

Now, what should you actually present to the clients? When reporting the metrics of all of your efforts, make sure to keep it conversational but also straightforward. The call or meeting should only be around 30-40 minutes. Using visual aids will also help to tell the story in a memorable way and helps to explain any data you present.

  • Qualified traffic

Start with reporting the traffic that came to their website through the keywords that you carefully selected.

  • Persona traffic

Move to the blogs and content offerings that you’ve created and highlight which ones have the highest conversion rates.

  • Address the sales qualified leads

Talk about the content that delivered the best-qualified leads and customers over a set time period.

  • Social media

End the call with how their social media presence has increased customer delight and interaction with the brand.

Mentioning all of these metrics allows you to highlight all of the inbound efforts that you are doing for your client. Using these tips and tricks the client will easily see the success and value that your hard work is contributing to their business.

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