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Dressing well is synonymous with safety, success and self-confidence. However, not all dress styles are for everyone and for this reason to find an identity in clothing requires rehearsing several styles until you find the right one.

A good way to start is with pieces of clothing in solid colors. Neutrals are a safe option to start. The basis of any good outfit lies in minimalism, and starting from there, the rest will be a complement that becomes a protagonist in the basis of the outfit.

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Dressing simple is, in our era, the new sign of sophistication. You do not need to show too much to show success in the economic term. On the contrary, this makes you look like a “new rich” and not like someone who is used to good things from the cradle.

At the time of dressing you have to be aware of where you are going, what is the time and the time. It is always recommended that you don’t overdo it in any way.

This part is very important because it means making correct choices in terms of the match that you do with something basic mixed with something that makes you stand out of the average. especially if you want to get the attention of the people around you this will help successfully. 

Dressing with simplicity is to have the subtlety indicated to combine basic clothes with touches that recharge the print without exaggeration. The well chosen accessories bring elegance to the attire that are a good pick.

Nothing that better represents the style of a man than dressing sober with cleverly selected modern touches. The sophistication in speaking from the field of knowing how to dress, is a mixture between knowing how to choose and the sense of taste.

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