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Website Development: Expectation vs. Reality

Website Development: Expectation vs. Reality

Websites are integral to the success of any modern-day business. Without one, you’ll be quickly phased out and overrun by the competition and lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue. However, professional website development is an investment and some people think that they can get the same results by taking a DIY approach. Unfortunately, unless you have the experience necessary to build an aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning website that has outstanding user experience capabilities, you’ll end up wasting your time. To give you a better idea at what you’re up against before you put in wasted efforts, here are some common website development expectations vs. realities.

The primary expectation that people have about website development is that it’s not that hard. This is far from the truth. If it were easy, web developers wouldn’t need to get an education, undergo training, and fine-tune any unique skills. The fact is that there are tons of platforms available where you can choose a template, enter your information, and get a cookie-cutter website, but that’s not going to cut it in today’s environment. You need something unique that speaks to your target audience if you want to get conversions and grow your business.

Even if you do choose a template, you’ll still have to play around with plug-ins, design elements, and copywriting. Professional web developers have the experience you want to create seamless websites that achieve results. While it is an investment, it should be seen as a necessary one rather than something to do if you have some room in your budget. Once you have your website up and running, you’ll find business gets easier and you’ll increase your client base with much less effort than if you were using a subpar site.

Another main expectation is that once you build your website, that’s it. You just sit back and relax and it’s over. That’s not true. Website development needs to have regular maintenance to keep up with the trends, update information, and make sure that everything is running flawlessly and as fast as possible. When your website doesn’t perform well, people will leave your site and head to your competition. As trends evolve, you need to adapt if you want to see success from your website.

Finally, there’s an expectation that all website developers are the same. Every website developer is different and with more experience, comes better results. The type of website developer that you hire will have a direct impact on how your site turns out, so make sure to do your research accordingly and choose someone based on skill, not price. At BSPKN, we have 20 years of digital experience, which translates to high quality websites that are built to convert visitors into customers and improve your revenue stream. To learn more about our website development services, contact us today.


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