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Missing the Punchline to Social Media Marketing


Social media has forever changed the way we communicate. It’s not only changed how we interact with one another but brought the advent of new forms of content dissemination. It has changed buying habits, given consumers control of the process. People can now quickly learn how a business engages its customers without even stepping foot into a brick and mortar establishment. They can heavily influence the way a company shapes its business practices .

Although many companies have the opportunity to greatly benefit from social media accounts, they often squander or misuse it. This can lead to damaging user experiences and reputations.  When social media first gained a foothold in consumer markets many businesses jumped on the bandwagon without a real sense of how these new opportunities could be leveraged.

In fact, many treated their company social media channels the same way they did their personal pages. They posted things like images of their cats (seriously!) or what they had for lunch. Others started them just because every other business was doing it and let everything fall to the wayside.  Anyone who has managed a social media account for a business knows that gaining traction early on can be difficult. Regaining that traction after it has sat idle for 3-6 months is way more challenging. 

Why? Because people need consistency. They want to feel engaged on a more personal level. If a business decides to stop sharing, their user base begins to feel ignored. Moreover, social media is named “social media” for a reason. It is meant for interaction. If you are a company, that means sharing things that are relevant and beneficial to your consumers.  One way to accomplish this is by creating content tailored to your ideal customers on a regular basis.  However, it is not enough to create content. Give your followers an opportunity to have an opinion, a voice. You should listen and respond accordingly.

By turning your social media channels into a hub of useful information, you not only create leads for your business but a reputation that makes people want to do business with you.


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