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Ring In The New Year With Remarkable Web Design

It’s never smart to follow trends solely for the sake of fitting in, but certain ones are popular for a reason. As technology and user expectations evolve, so should our approaches to web design. If trends make sense for your company, your branding, and your success, you should go for it!

If you look around, you’ll notice that a lot of sites look more or less the same. Wide background sections, vertical scrolling, and hamburger navigation buttons are just about everywhere.

These trends can make it difficult to feel like your site is original, but if they improve user experience, they may be worth some sacrifice in individuality. If you can align yourself with trends while improving user experience and integrating features to highlight what you are trying to market, you will be in great shape.

As more sites find a way to balance user-friendly trends with brand-highlighting features, we will hopefully begin moving toward a point where sites can to provide more unique, user-friendly experiences.

Here are a number of trends to consider as web design evolves in the new year: 


First Things First: User Experience

Your site can have great content and aesthetic, but it won’t be an asset to your company if it is clunky and difficult to use. Focus design efforts on optimizing your site to be as intuitive and usable as possible for visitors. It looks like Google will be taking UX into account for search engine rankings as well, so making it a priority can only help. 

Responsive Design

By now, responsiveness is an industry standard. Many users see your site for the first time on their mobile devices, so you should be absolutely positive that they will be able to use every feature you design no matter what device use. The same rules about usability and user experience apply for mobile, so responsiveness will be essential to the overall success of your website. 

Keep it Clean + Concise

Just like with content, users respond favorably when design gets right to the point. If your site is crowded and clunky, visitors will be less likely to stick around. Remove unessential information.Compartmentalize your content so users can find exactly what they are looking for at any given time.

Think Modular

One way to effectively compartmentalize your site is to break long text blocks apart into modules or arrange blurbs into a block grid pattern. Keeping these grids in varied patterns will keep content interesting and easy to read. Modular scrolling will also become even more popular. 

Infinite Scrolling

Scrolling is quicker and more intuitive to users than clicking. Opting for scrolling over clicking will help you turn your site into a storytelling vehicle. It will let you convey information without slowing down the experience.

Creative Typography and Bold Color

We already know color is important to branding, as is the use of well-designed typography. We are beginning to see a transformation in what is considered “safe.” With Google’s new free font collection, it has become much more feasible for companies to use great typeface on a limited budget. Look forward to seeing a newfound embrace of creative typography accompanied by bold color!

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