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Social Media Marketing

Everyone has Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or LinkedIn or some sort of social media account. Even older people are making profiles to better stay in touch with their friends and family or find reviews about different goods and services.

Social media is unquestionably the cheapest and easiest way to get closer to reaching your business’ goals and generate brand awareness. However, a lot of businesses don’t realize what they can do with social media and how important it is to regularly post, analyze, and engage with their followers. Luckily, there are so many different social media management tools that can help you better manage your time without sitting on your computer refreshing your Facebook feed all day.

Realistically, no small to medium sized company should be able to justify spending their time managing their own social media accounts. Frankly, doing so is the same as throwing money down the drain. Hiring an in-house, full-time social media manager is only beneficial to large-scale companies and is otherwise a waste of resources. Instead, you should focus on finding a good way to outsource social media management.

Elysian Construction

An insurance based roofing company with locations in 3 different regions – was able to use Social Media ad strategies to boost sales 4x from the previous year to generate an additional $10mil in sales during a 6 month period.

Why? Well for starters, when you spend all day doing something you tend to get really good at it (hopefully)…social media, digital marketing, your business focus, etc are all areas that require a lot of time and attention to do it well. Second, we don’t need healthcare, breaks, or specific hours to do our jobs.

Most importantly, to make sure you fully understand what to look for in social media management, you need to know what social media management really means. At the basic level, it involves managing your online interactions, engagement rates, and content across any and all social media profiles that you have. If you don’t have profiles across all the main sites—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest—the first step is creating one. After which, you’ll need to make sure that all of your information is accurate and easy to find. Those are the easy steps. The hard part comes with consistent content creation and engagement.

Illinois Vein Specialists

Using strategic Facebook Lead Generation ad strategies, Illinois Vein Specialists – was able to increase their FB lead generation to a consistent 100+ qualified leads a month all while during the COVID19 pandemic shut down and into 2021.

Rather than creating one piece of content and then copy/pasting it across your sites, you need to tailor it to each specific platform. You shouldn’t be posting the same thing on Facebook as you post on Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, the backlink will probably be the same, but tailoring headlines and descriptions that will encourage people to click your link and visit your webpage can be difficult and different things often sway your followers on each platform.

Additionally, you need to actually engage with them in an honest and transparent way. Doing so will help you increase your visibility and reach new audiences that you may not have reached using simple email marketing campaigns or pay-per-click advertising.

To get started, you need to choose which platforms are a priority for your target audience and build a profile that people will want to follow. Creating an image that best represents your products and services will help with this, but the work needs to be good quality.

BSPKN can help you, from drones to GIFs, and commercials to social posts. We’re here to produce stunning imagery and an engaging social media presence to keep your audience focused on you and further advance your social media efforts.


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