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We are going to help you on how to create a professional feed on social platforms: There are certain standards that are important to maintain a professional and impeccable appearance on social platforms. This article will help you to take into account the details of a professional profile and congruent with what you are looking to project from the business field.

In this case, companies must keep clean the image and form in which a product in networks stand out. Whether it´s a tangible product such as clothing and accessories, or intangible as a digital service (which is the case) there must always be some stability that seeks to direct the consumer to make use of what is offered.

Then, I leave some important points when presenting a brand on social networks:

1. Clean feed: nothing makes the professionalism of a brand clearer than a psycho-corrected profile. This can be easily achieved with a previously defined filter, which is applied in each photo giving the feeling of uniformity.

2. Highlights: when it comes to engaging audiences, the cover letter of your profile are fast content stories. They show the day to day of your company and aspects of interest with a durability of 24h on the social platform. The way to archive these stories in an organized way is in the Highlights. In this way you can create fully independent virtual spaces within the same profile and segment them with the desired content.

3. Point location: when segmenting the public by location it is more feasible to get followers located near geographically close, which brings benefits when seeking to make a strategic alliance or collaboration with another company. It is important to have international recognition, however, it´s more important to expand the market in a local way and go progressively ascending to a higher level. It´s as simple as placing your location when you publish the content and will instantly segment the information for your audience that is close to your region, and this without affecting the international audience.

These three simple steps will guide your company on the way to having a professional and focused feed.

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