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How To Have More Lightbulb Moments And Eliminate Writer’s Block For Good

Constantly generating new ideas for your blog or website can be difficult. Once you have a well-developed blog with a solid number of posts, it becomes increasingly difficult to reinvent the wheel. Here are some brainstorming tips and tricks to relieve the feared writer’s block:

Think about the Target

As with any best practice in marketing or advertising, the first place to start brainstorming is with your target in mind. Remind yourself who is going to be reading your content or what kind of person you want reading your content. What are their reading habits? What content would be the most helpful and valuable to them? These questions will help to point you in the right direction of generating content ideas and eliminating writer’s block.

Consider the Competitors

Research what a few of your competitors are doing. What type of blogs and content are they writing? What ways are they serving their target? Looking to the competition for inspiration is a strategic way to generate good ideas for your next post.

Questions on Quora is a great resource to use as it can generate a lot of content ideas quickly. Quora is an encyclopedia of human knowledge in which you can type in a question and it generates answers from other users. This is a great resource to find unexpected or new ideas based on what people are currently talking about.

Go to Google

Google is another great resource to find new ideas. Use the autocomplete function by typing in a part of a keyword and see what else pops up. This is a great way to see what people are actually searching for. The same goes for the ‘related searches’ located at the bottom of a search page on Google. After a search, look at the related searches to see similar searches to get ideas of what people are currently searching and talking about.

Reject reinventing

To find new content ideas, you do not need to reinvent or come up with completely new ideas for every post. Look back at old blog posts and see if there are questions left unanswered or if you could expand on any of these ideas.

Time is a true friend

What time of year is it? Summer? Winter? Time can surprisingly bring a whole new set of ideas that are associated with the weather or the season. Even holidays or events that are happening can be made into relevant content. Making posts that relate to what people are experiencing in that moment makes it that much more relevant and useful.

Write, write write

The worst feeling is when you have a lightbulb moment in the car and convince yourself that you are going to remember and then forget to write it down. Jot down every idea, whether you think it is good or bad because you never know when you might forget or need new ideas. Even random ideas can associate with other thoughts and can bring about new ideas.

Coming up with new ideas is never easy, but you can make it easier by using some of these tips for more productive brainstorming. Sometimes just taking a break and going for a walk can be an easy fix to a grueling session of writer’s block. Good luck!

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