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Social Media Week Chicago Recap. Social Auditing.


SMW2016 Chicago

Social Media Week Chicago Recap on Social Auditing.

Social media is increasingly becoming the wave of future advertising dollars, industry and the medium to create significant brands. While the growth has been significant the adaptations of the traditional marketer have evolved as well. Today, the commonplace marketing director is now forced to jump onboard or lose out on future generations of new customers. At the same time the roles and responsibilities of a marketer require more responsibility and the auditing involved in media marketing and an increasing knowledge base focused on media spend, analytical data and analysis, especially auditing and benchmarking digital and social channels.

In fact, the June 2016 ANA study on transparency in the advertising industry have brought serious concerns about the actionable steps marketers take with the large marketing investments currently in place to ensure the safety and security of the data collected. Furthermore, the study brought light to the fact that users want more transparency in the data that is collected. Experienced auditors are often now recruited to conduct thorough audits of the data collected to uncover the highest value of the data insights and analysis.

Social projects have grown such that from start to finish – these auditors often require anywhere from 6-12 weeks to perform a complete audit. If done well, the recognized value through improvement and optimization realized through social media marketing can be significant – anywhere from 5-20% – which is a very large number and again illustrates the value of having an effective social media strategy.


We started out with a mission to provide unparalleled marketing services to business lacking the time and knowledge to implement their own strategies effective. Today we are a digital agency specializing in inbound marketing, design, social media management and more. We build our products and services with a commitment to making our clients successful through transparency and efficiency.

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Download Our Free Social Prospecting Workbook!

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